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Hello, my name is Daysi Brown and I am so excited to be the new NAMI Executive Director. I am extremely pleased to do a job that means so much to me and my family. Almost three years ago, my son experienced his first psychotic break. As a mom I felt so devastated, and as time progressed I felt abandoned by my son’s school, and community. Some family tried to help but didn’t have quite the right words to say. I didn’t have the right words to explain what was happening, you see as a doctor in clinical psychology I knew all the medical terms, medications etc. What I didn’t know was how to express what I was feeling in my heart, let alone what my son was feeling in his heart. I knew that mental health stigma existed, but I never knew what it felt like until both my son and I became victims of this horrible societal ignorance.

I sincerely believe that we can all make a difference in a person’s life regardless of their mental health difficulties. It takes effort, kindness, education, and advocacy. I am committed to NAMI’s mission statement and vision for “Stigma Free” society.

One of NAMI Yolo’s newest staff members is Babin Dahal, a first generation Nepalese-American who values culture and opportunity.

Babin loves to spend his time combining his two passions together: animals and nature. You can usually find him with his two dogs, Reno and Maya, walking across various different trails in Northern California.

Babin is very excited to help achieve NAMI Yolo’s mission as he, too, believes everyone’s voices must be heard, and opportunity should exist for all.