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Pine Tree Gardens

Dear friends,

As you know, Turning Point Community Programs’ Pine Tree Gardens (PTG) East & West homes are founded on the belief that a diagnosis is not a destiny, and many lives have been transformed because of this principle. PTG staff are dedicated to helping residents focus on their independence, community reintegration, supportive employment, wellness, healthy lifestyles, stress management and positive coping skills.

Unfortunately the operating costs for the houses have continued to exceed revenue for a number of years, and the program is now facing significant financial challenges. Please be aware that this is in no way indicative of the commitment and dedication of the current staff. I am sending you this message today because we want to continue serving those who benefit most from these homes, and your support and donations could make all the difference.

To learn more about how you can support the Pine Tree East & West homes, please click this link: www.tpcp.org/friendsofpinetree. Additionally, stay tuned for an invitation to a conference call to provide more information on our plans for a fundraising gala in late Fall.

With gratitude,
Al Rowlett, CEO
Turning Point Community Programs